Frequently Asked Questions

1   Can you customize a course for us?

1   How do I register for a course?

2   Can I choose the course date?

4   Can I reserve a course date / the training places for my staff by faxing to you first?

5   Can I be in the reserve list if the class is full?

6   How can I check the status of my staff's enrollment?

8   Can I ask someone to apply the course on my behalf?

9   Can I register for the course on the day the course starts?

1   Can I cancel my course?

2   How can I get a course fee refund?

1   What is the mode payment for course fees?

2   How can I get a copy of the training cost advice?

1   Due to some unforeseen circumstances, can I postpone the training dates for my staff?

2   Can I request for replacement of my participants?

1   What will happen if I miss 1 or 2 days of the course

1   Where is the classroom training venue?

2   Where is the Virtual Live Class video link?